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Susie Litkenhous

Operations Director
What do you enjoy most about working in the dental field?

First, I am blessed to not only work with my husband, but actually enjoy working with him.  Second, I love working in this industry because it is finally starting to evolve.  And we, at Auburn Dental Spa, are at the forefront of the dental/medical/health/beauty movement.

What is your favorite spa service?

I love them ALL! But my top 5 are:


2. Jodi’s One hour Custom Facial

3. Sand’s 1.5 hour Signature Massage

4. Lindy’s Organic Spray Tan

5. Our 1 Hour Professional Teeth Whitening.

What is your favorite skincare/makeup product & why?

The OBAGI Nu-derm System has 100% improved my skin’s health and appearance. People always think I’m younger than I really am. And of course Amy Head Cosmetics are so fun to use. The pigment is so great and stays on throughout the day-which is fabulous for my busy schedule!